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Is there a clothing store that sells clothes for women with large breast?
Is there a clothing store that sells clothes for women with large breast but not plus size bodies! Im an average size woman but I have large breast.
Depending on where you live...

I shop at AVENUE... check to see if there is one near you... go to avenue.com

Ashley Stewart does as well... or JCPenney....
Don't women with large breast and men with large testicles rule the world?
I mean in a tribe the most fertile man seeks the most fertile women therefore he is the most dominant and she is the most seeked because her large breast signifies a well fed guy to be.
Kind of. If you look at chimps, they have larger male members due to promiscuity while gorillas have much shorter, due to one father bearing all of the guyren. Longer parts were selected for in chimps as this would plant the seed further in, increasing the likelihood of impregnating a female. Gorillas on the overhand did not select for this as with only one male there was no requirement to have a larger unit. If you apply this to human society, areas which were more free with their associations tend to have larger male organs while those very monogamous tend to be smaller due to the lack of selection of this trait. Only in societies where there is a greater level of promiscuity will you find what you have stated. Also, larger breasts do not mean more milk production.
Bathing suit for women with large breast?
So does anyone know a good style of bathing suit that suits a female with large breast?

If anyone is familiar with the Gap, Macy's, Banana, or 20 something stores and you have a link that would be great!

A triangle bikini top OR a halter top are no-nos. You need something that will support you. How about a tankini? Here are a few that are made for a large bust ...

Why do people assume thin women with large breast are fake?
i am a 32G and i've had people ask if i was fake.
I'm black, black women don't get breast implants duh
Beacuse it's rare & we hardly ever see it. Also, than why did Lil Kim,Kelly Rowland, Megan Good,Melyssa Ford,Elise Neals, I love New York(Tiffany Pollard)Karinne Stephens,Wendy Williams,Tamala Jones,Angel Luv,Vivica Fox,& Usher's wife get implants? Why are there plastic surgeons that speacilize in "Women of color"?
Bare lift bras for women with large breast?
I would like to try the bare lift bras but they don't look like the are for women with large breast like a DD cup
Bare Lifts, the new solution for women, designed by a woman, are now all over the airwaves. The commercial is heavily touting this simple device that allows you to go braless with all the support of ever the best supporting bras.

The Bare Lift product is simply placed into position and worn to give you that perky, youthful look you really are after.

The truth is that our bodies are really diverse when it comes to shapes and sizes. And with a product like this one, it's difficult to make any absolute claims about the validity of the product when it comes to every single case. If you are sincerely obese, and have a rather large cup size, chances are the results you'll get from the product are different than a girl who's 5'7" and 127 pounds with a small cup size. The truth is that we can't make a blanket statement and say that everyone who's going to purchase these will see the exact results they want.

So the answer is to try it yourself.
Is it true that women with large breast are not as sensitive?
My wife has very large breast and when we have sex I like to suck on them but she says that it doesn't do much for her as far as being erotic. she says that most women who have large breast have this problem. when I say large we are talking double J cup
Lucky you, my wife has double D and she is very sensitive, Just wondering has your wife had guys and if so did she breast feed, my wife did with all three guys and she is more sensitive know than before our first.
What's the deal with women and large breasts?
I read that the majority of women wear the wrong size bra. And a lot of women with large breasts complain that their backs hurt but isn't that because they mostly wear the wrong size bra? A lot of large -breasted women don't complain about it. And there are some very large-breasted women (like H-cup) who enjoy it.
I am DD size, I get back pains not because of wearing the wrong bra size, is because my chest be so heavy that it as if its pulling me forward and it hurts my back. But if the woman bra has good support and the straps on her bra are tight than she shouldn't have that much back pains. Because the bra holds the breast up instead of them being sagged down
Do women with large breasts have higher tendency of getting breast cancer???
while playing my girlfriend's still growing breasts in the bathtub today. she asked me that as her breasts grow larger, does it move her to the higher bracket of women who are more prone to breast cancer?

i have no idea, but then it hit me that i have never heard of flat chested women getting breast cancer. this got me wonder that does the stereotypical view of beauty in larger breasts in women comes with a red flag breast cancer?

to sum it up, is the larger the more dangerous? if yes, why, and if no, why not. any assistance will be greatly appreciated. thank you very much.
i dont think it it matters its not the size its your hormones and other things that matter as cancer is somthing everyone can get if it was more prone to people with large brests it would say so in all the info you get on this type of cancer iv looked and it dosent say anything
Bare lift bras for women with large breast?
I would like to try the bare lift bras but they don't look like the are for women with large breast like a DD cup
They aren't.
Is it true that women with large breasts have men come up to them and compliment them?
I recently went on a date with a large breasted woman. After a few martinis she started telling me that men regularly accost her on the street and compliment her breasts. Some of the more daring ones ask to cop a feel. Is this her fantasy or does this really happen to large breasted women? Later in the evening when I removed her shirt I did notice that she was very powerfully chested.
Yeah it's true.
I always see guys staring at my breasts and they make it obvious that they are interested. or they are jerks and actually say something.
I think guys who say something or go for a feel are so rude!
What happened to respecting the ladies??

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