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All Comments

What's with teens making out at such young ages?
Why do guys between 11-14 make out (or claim to), 11-14 is pretty young to make out don't you think? Any opposing thoughts?
I'm 14 and I haven't had it yet..
Have you ever been near two sex-starved teens making out in a restaurant?
I had a lovely view of their snog session while eating my dinner tonight.
sitting near sex-starved teens in a movie theater is much worse.
Oregonians: Were the two teens (thrown off bus) making out or was it just a peck (see details please)?

For those of you who live in the area and might have heard more on the story, were the two teens making out or were they just giving each other a kiss goodbye or something?

Also, were they riding the bus home from school? Is there a bus system there or do guys ride public buses like they do in NYC?
I live in Washington state, but saw a bit about it on NWCN (sort of a CNN for the Pacific Northwest area). The incident occurred on a public bus (Trimet is their bus/transit system name), not a school bus (the schools generally have their own bus systems; if they choose to ride a public bus, they're effectively out of the school's jurisdiction). The transportation director has apologized for the driver's actions.
Are teens making out in cars actually doing anything illegal?
I'm guessing that this happens in real life, too, but on TV there are loads of shows/movies where two teens are making out in the back of a car and a policeman/deputy bangs on the window and shines his flashlight in.

You know, the kind of thing that happens in a horror movie 5 seconds before the scary man with the chainsaw cuts somebody's head off.

My question, are the teens actually breaking any laws, presuming that they are in some out of the way place and they have all of their clothes on?

If so, which laws?
They could be trespassing on private property or conducting lewd behavior in a public place. Police will check to see if a crime is being committed. They need to know if it's two teens making out or a rape, sex with a minor or prostitution.
ADULTS: what do u think when u see teens making out?
adults, what u do think when u see 14, 15, 16 year olds making out and getting to 2nd base in public?

nothing? gross? immature? wrong? cute? don't care?
I'm 17 and i think it's absolutely disgusting. I see nothing wrong with one or two kisses, an arm around the waist, a big hug but to be full on making out is something for behind closed doors. I do not want an audience during private moments with my boyfriend.
Have you noticed younger teens making out at the Cinema, to be offensive?
To me, it is bad manners, husband and I went to see Star Trek on Mem. Day evening at 10PM and the cineplex was nearly empty. We were in #1. Costs 8.25 per person to get in. There were about 11 thirteen yr. olds in the theater, 2 pair were making out, 3 boys were making balloons of a birth control item and tossing them around. Another teen was texting. One teen had his size 13 shoes up on top of the seats. No assistant manager. The only person in charge was a teenager. I am sending correspondence to the owner of the chain of theaters because when I go to see a movie, I don't go to see that stuff.
I'm annoyed by anyone making out in public. That's a private matter. . .go home! It's one thing to hold hands and give kisses. . .it's quite another to be licking each others face and groping. And to the other person who answered - the back of a theater isn't private!

If there is a next time - if it was me I wouldn't go back - you should go the the teen in charge and explain what your expectations are. You expect him/her to have the behavior stop or remove the people creating a disturbance. If he/she is unable to comply with that request, then you want your money back and leave. If you did both of those, then you should not only write the letter to the owner, but request a meeting in person and request that the person in charge be fired. Obviously, he/she is incapable of handling the job.
How to describe a making out scene?
Need a little help!
So its these two teens, making out... But how do i describe it?! It needs to be passionate, and romantic.
And its got to excite the audience. Please help!! Thanks x
Tell them where he places his hands on her, where she places her hands on him, where they are, if he backed her into a corner, if they're by a lake. etc:)
Is it ok to have teens making out in the parent's basment?
We have a teenage boy (16) [he's my step son] and he brings his girl friend over to the house at least once a week. They journey to the basement every time she visits where they obviously make out and I assume nothing more, but can't be too certain. She seems friendly enough, but my step son only wants his space and rarely spends time around us when she is here (frankly he doesn;t spend time with us in general cause he's not too family oriented and is extremely selfish in nature). I am wondering, does it seem ok to have them venture off to the basement with this freedom or should there be some kind of restrictions and if so, what should they be?

Sandy is right. At that age, hormones are raging and he couldn't be asked to act responsibly with all of that freedom. The same thing happened to my cousin (though my aunt was worse in that she actually let his girlfriend move in when she got kicked out of her home). She ended up pregnant, he was only 17. The point is, teenagers, though adults physically, can't be asked to make adult decisions about timing, and appropriate behaviour behind closed doors. So, at the very least, have them leave the door open. Follow that up by talking to him (no matter how much arm-pulling would be involved in getting him to the sit down) about what you will and will not stand for going on down there. The absolute last thing you want is for that girl's parents to ring you with some news wondering how you could have let those things go on.
Why is living in a neighborhood with noisy loud, aggressive teens making me feel angry and out of control?
i live with bpd, im 29 and im trying to remain focussed at this time in my life,
im waiting for therapy
i get major depressive moods, cope with rage and anger and have been through alot of trauma in my life, i live alone, never built up friends or had a relashionships, never been employed and i feel incredablly hung up about this.
my dreams are id love to eventually emigrate from the uk, and meet the right partner, and achieve fullfillment and happiness.
i seriously worry constantly that this will never happen.
i get obsessive thoughts, worry and get really depressed.

however at the moment i live in an area, with loud, aggressive, anti social teenagers, they shout, smash bottles, joyride cars.
and i dont wanna have anything to do with them at all.
i hate them, and i feel this behaviour infringes and intrudes upon my life. when there outside in the street, fighting arguing, shouting and being aggressive, i worry there behaviour will provoke me into losing control of my rage
They aren't making you do anything. It's all inside you. Your reactions aren't dictated by their actions. If you want to kill them with hidden road hazards, its something that has been inspired mysteriously by the gods. Maybe you could cause them serious harm if you set your mind to it.
A gleefully mindless,. joyful act, killing teenagers.And since you're crazy already -the Crown won't mind one bit.
TEENS: making out for the first time!?
Any tips, and how to make out? Thanks :)

btw.. I'm a girl, in grade 8 :)
dont worry about it :)
i was terrified too, but when the time came it was just fine :)
good luck :) x

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