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Teen parties!?
I am planning an all girl party for teen age girls, most in highschool. What are some good activities?
I was think that we would for sure play bigger adn better, what are some other games that are similar, but dont take a whole lot of transportation or money?
Rent out a rerun theater and they could go and watch their favourite movie(s) in their PJ's! Simple, non messy foods are best. Board games, too? Played after or during the movie.
What's the difference between teen parties in the US and Latin America?
I'm trying to do research on teen parties in different regions, including the age guys usually start having parties, and typical activities like dancing, etc. I'm not coming up with much online so I thought getting personal experience input might help.
in the usa their is laws that make teen parties boring, while in latin america is more fun, more freedom, and more stuff to do, ive been there, their laws are not exaggerated like here in the usa
What are some movies that have teen parties in them?
I'm doing a project on Teen Partying and I need some movie clips on age teens at parties. The most recent movies and the most well-known movies would be better, but I'm really looking for anything. Thanks!
1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off - there is a clip towards the end where there is a street carnival and Ferris is singing a Beatles song. That's not the sort of party you mean but if you see the movie, you'll appreciate that it is a party. One hell of a party.

And even if you don't know the movie well, your teachers will - it is from their teen years (if they were teens in the 80s).

2. Skins series 1 (a British TV programme). It's not a film though - does that matter?
How do you drink at teen parties?
Since I'm in highschool and there are many parties I was wondering how you drink? Let me elaborate.

I've had alcohol before, never to the point of being drunk. I'd like to know how people drink at teen parties and when being drunk will you ever say real stupid things and blurt it out or even just do or say something embarrassing?
Drinking seems to make people tell the truth even though it is going to hurt someone, drinking is the the way to release all those things that you normally wouldn't do, so, of course, drinking is real dumb and embarrassing.
Where can I find statistics on teen drinking parties?
I am doing a project for the New England Regional Law Enforcement Explorer Association, and for the project I need to find a website that has statistics on teen parties and drinking.

I have searched google but am unable to find any.

If you can help, any help is appreciated! Thanks!
I hope these might help in some way...
--In at least one place: "'Close to 70% of the sexual assaults on young women were coming out of home parties," says Dan Hicks, administrator of Ventura County Limits, an initiative to curb age binge drinking. "
--"While only eight percent of parents of guyren aged 12-20 indicated that they allowed their teen and his/her friends to drink with supervision in the past six months, 21 percent of teens attended a party where the alcohol was provided by someone else’s parents. And 27 percent of teens attended a party where youth were drinking " [stupid--especially since these parents, if caught, would get thrown in jail]
-- The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services also found that alcohol is linked to two-thirds of all sexual assaults and date rapes of teens and increases the likelihood of contracting HIV or sexually transmitted diseases. An AMA report reveals the long-term damage that drinking does to teen brains, which continue developing until age 20.
--80 percent of teenagers report trying alcohol at least once during their high school years
Teen parties?
What are fun games to play at a boy/girl party, besides spin the bottle and truth or dare?
what's the age range for the teenagers?
What are good food, game, music, and just general ideas/choices for teen parties?
In about 2 weeks, I'm having my first boy/girl party and I'm wondering what are some good food, game, and music choices as well as just general ideas for a teen party. This will help me so much, and I'll appreciate it forever!

Thanks, Alex
fizzy punch, like juice mixed with soda, some chips and pizza? leave your ipod on shuffle and dance the night away. have fun!
What are some fun things to do at teen parties?
I'm having a boy girl party. Its about 4 hours long and all of us are around 14. I'm the host and need some tips on stuff to do. Any suggestions?
the suck or kiss with a card game. you all sit on a circle. A boy and girl next to each other in that order. The first person has to put the card on his/her lips and suck on it to hold it on the mouth with no hands. you keep sucking on it and turn to the person next to you and pass it to them mouth to mouth. The other person has to suck on the card as well to take it away. If that person fails to do it then a kiss shall happen=)
Why do cops always come to teen parties and ask if the parents are home?
Is there something illegal about having a party when your parents are gone?
They don't just come to the party, they got a call. A call of loud music, peace disturbance, or neighbors just watching out for each other.

Once they get there, they are obligated to investigate. That means talking to the person in charge of the house to ensure that what ever brought them there in the first place is taken care of.
I need a catchy name for a party planner which includes all parties from teen to weddings to outside events.?
The parties will be from teen school, nightclub to weddings, casual parties to large outdoor events in Chicago.
"A List" Parties

Party On

Third Party Parties

"Cry if you want to" Parties

"You say it's your birthday?" Parties

RSVP Party Planners

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