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Would it be slutty to wear a bikini top and shorts to a Cabo themed party?
I'm in college and my friends are having one last party at their frat before summer. It's Cabo themed, and the invite says to wear something you would wear if you were going somewhere tropical. Would it be slutty to wear a bikini top and shorts, or does that just go along with the theme?
no, you'd wear a bikini somewhere tropical so why not(:
Is a girl with a tattoo on the front of her hip, but where it would be covered by a bikini slutty or sexy?
It is small and meaningful, nothing like a name or anything. Only her bfs would see it. Does that look slutty or sexy?
Since you mentioned she has more than one boyfriend, I'd say she's slutty. Never mind the tattoo.
Is it slutty to put pictures of yourself in a bikini on facebook?
I just put a picture of myself from summer on facebook. I'm wearing a bikini but I have large breasts and I was just wondering if I should take it down? Is that slutty looking?
it depends. like, if your just sitting by the pool or something and someone happened to post a picture, then no. its not slutty.

but if you are posed and your boobs are all stuck out and its some itty bitty bikini and you have duck lips going on, then yeah, thats a bit slutty
Is it slutty to have bikini pictures on facebook?
It's not like I was taking pictures of myself in a bikini and putting in on fb, I was at the beach with my friends and happened to be in a bikini and we took pictures. I just don't want it to look bad you know? It also wasnt a skimpy bikini, it covered my bottom completely, and and nothing was "spilling out" on top if you know what I mean, and I'm pretty chesty. I just want other peoples input. My friends were also in bikinis.
Girls only, would you consider a bikini slutty?
My friend says she thinks bikinis are slutty and most women don't look good in them.. and one pieces are better. I kind of disagree... I think if you have the body for it you should rock the bikini.

She thinks very short/ lowcut dresses she wears are "classy" but bikinis are slutty... I feel the opposite.
I personally don't think they are slutty... Your friend sounds like she's probably jealous. But everyone has their own opinion and taste. I wouldn't wear a very short/ lowcut dress but I'd wear a bikini... maybe that's weird.
Is it slutty to put a bikini picture as your profile picture on Facebook?
I'm 15 BTW. And it's kind of from a distance, so you can't really see any body parts. What do you think?

Oh also, I have a private profile so I'm not worried about like, pedophiles or anything.
no its not..
but a lot of people will probably talk crap.
but there just jealous.
&nd you shouldn't care what other people think.
Guys, do you think its to slutty to have a big chest and a small bikini?
boys only! do you think its to slutty if i wore a small bikini and have a rather... ok who am i guying, really big chest?
Nope, I think it would be attractive.
Woulddd it be slutty to put a picture of yourself in a bikini on facebook?
so i took a picture of myself in a bikini, and its likeee a REAL bikini barely anything, basically just covering up myyy , womaaan things..
but, do you think its a too slutty, to put on facebook?
If no one SAID it was slutty it would be because they would all be talking about it behind yolur back. dont be "that girl" and dont post it, just save ito n your comp for your own confidence
Is it slutty to post a picture of me in a bikini or myspace?
Do you think so? If you do, do you think it's okay if you're taking one with girlfriends who also is wearing a bikini? Or does it depend on how much skin you're showing?

Note that my profile's private. Only 'friends' can see it and i only add people i know <33 is that good?
That doesn't seem to slutty to me. However the sluttiness can go up depending on your pose.
I am on vacation with my husband in hawaii and am wondering if it would be too slutty to wear a thong bikini?
I am petite, asian who works out and think i look good in it, but don't want too much attention from others. Any thoughts or experiences would help.
I have been to Hawaii many, many times and no one wears those out there. You would probably be the only one and you would stand out like a sore thumb. Wear it if you want everyone looking at you and want attention not if if you don't want attention.

Plus who gives a rats *** what your husband thinks? Are you not your own person? Do you have to ask your husband everytime you want to do something?

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