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Music video where lady guard spies on naked hunks?
can't recall if its a Martika video... anyone who knows the title? all i can remember is the word "feel" being sung on the background... any youtube copy of the video?
Ohhh... if you ever find it please do inform me! Please, please, please!
Why does Men's Health magazine put half naked hunks on their covers?
I mean it's ironic and stupid because it's not even healthy to put forth such a hegemonic look for men considering the existence body image disorders--which are decidely UNhealthy!

The magazine is called MEN'S HEALTH for crying out loud. Where does the notion of having shirtless, ripped, beefcake come into play there? As if to be considered healthy you have to be overtly muscular and look like a bodybuilder. I think that's getting a bit old and tired out. It's fine to do this for magazines that are more exercise or bodybuilding oriented, like Men's Fitness or Fitness Rx for men, for instance. But why do this for a magazine that should just be generally about men's health, and not just bodybuilding?

On a brighter note, they seem to be cutting back in recent years on the shirtless beefcake and thankfully are putting thinner guys and guys with their shirts on on the covers. But the current one on newsstands seems to regress from this and return to that ridiculous image of the shirtless hunk standing in for supposedly what is represented as men's health.

What are your thoughts on this and do you think this needs to change so that the covers better represent the actual world of men's health?
I definitely think this needs to change as most people don't look like this.
How come you don't hear about married women looking at porn?
Seriously, I mostly hear women complaining about their men looking at girl porn. How come you don't hear wives looking at male porn showing their big "d**ks"? I never heard any story about a married woman looking at a male dirty magazine or looking at naked hunks on a pc. It ALWAYS the guys who do this! Why is that?
One third of women look at's just done a little more secretly I guess because it is not yet as socially accepted as men looking at porn. It's like men sleeping around - when men sleep around they are heroes, but when women do they are slu*s.... women can often feel they will be looked down upon if they tell others they watch porn, so it's done on the low-down.

Yes courtney, I most certainly do feel like I have stepped into a PornA meeting!!
Ladies, do you ever dream of being naked in front of hunk men?
This doesn't mean you would would actually do this. I'm strictly speaking of fantasy. Are you arouse by the idea of being the lust of all the men?
no...I'm a strange spirit see their spirits and unless a 'hunk' man is good on the turns me off.....I like just normal everyday guys who know who they are
Ladies: Have you seen the half-naked hunk for May 2007?
Guy Candy at Cosmopolitan's "Guy Without His Shirt" entry for May 2007…
I am not a lady, but I think that guy may be even better looking than Rory Emerald!

Who is the naked guy in the historical horace bristol photo.?
okay I haveno idea who the sexy blonde naked man with a nice blonde butt is but who ever that guy is he sure was is sexy as goodness knows what I want to melt. Anyways who it that man in the famous photograph is he alive whats his name and heres a photo of the…
He sure is a cutey tho isn't he? Shame that one was lost to the ages.
Why does he look at porn when he's horny, so should I look at naked men when I'm horny?
Everything is fine,, in the relationship. But right now I'm on my monthly visitor. My fiance looks at porn when he "can't get any" from me due to mother nature made women go through every month until they hit menopause (my period).

So since he looks at naked women,,,shouldn't I be able to look at naked men online? But a hunk of hunk muscle oiled down man on the computer screensaver?

I'm not mad, but if he can, then why shouldn't I make it know to him that I do it to?
I am not a fan of porn...but I say what is good for the gander is good for the goose! If you want to look at naked men...all oiled down and looking fine....I say go for it!
Which is the best Jamie Oliver cookbook?
I'I like the Naked Chef style, looking for basics, like pasta, casseroles, main courses etc. I bought a book of his but gave it away b/c the entrees were mainly huge hunks of meat like roasts and a whole baked chicken, stuff i would never cook.
A few years ago I saw a J. Oliver book that included dishes like chicken tikka masala, fish & chips. That's the kind of food I'm looking for.
Any recommendations?
the first
Isn't this a male contradiction?
He won't look at naked hunks but would happily sit there watching bigger than average male anatomy with more than average whipped cream explosion at the end in hetero porn

Isn't it rather the case that men are actually homo erotic and that is why we have to live in this dumbing down of that side of their heterosexually society for fear of it.
I believe you're right about that. The men you described would probably assault another man if he came on to them,but at the same time they would be fascinated by hetero porn featuring freakishly large genitalia. I'm familiar with men like that.

It's entirely possible I hit a few nerves with my answer,as much as you did with this question. They're kind of proving our point for us.

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