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All Comments

Lesbian make out with a guy? What does it mean?
I'm 25, never really had proper relationship with a guy but used to date few... and neither with a girls.
First when i thought I could be lesbian was about 10-12 years ago. I was struggling with my sexuality for many years and eventually stop lying to myself and decided not to fight it. I finally started to feel comfortable about being gay, most of my friends knows and it's just not an issue.
My best friend, her fiance and few of their friends went for dinner and then out. I don't really know why but that night I drunk like never before. I don't even remember half of night, but somehow I remember making out with one of friends. Actually the very same one as about 5-6 years ago. Others seems to remember more than I do, but we didn't slept together or anything.. It just confuses me, and I can stop thinking... why do I make out with a guy? Could this mean I am not lesbian? That I'm bi? Or just clear fact that I should not drink like that ever again? I'm really not kind of person who just get drunk and make out with whom ever.. maybe that's why it's big deal to me..
You were just drunk. People's sexuality can change a lot when you are really, really drunk. You have no idea how many girls in my year have made out with each other whilst under the influence. I wouldn't worry about it.
Why Do Movies With Lesbian/Gay Make Out Scenes Get An R Rating?
I mean really? A PG-13 movie can have a complete straight sex scene and no one cares but as soon as there's a lesbian/gay make out scene a movie gets an R. What the hell?
its really stupid-its like saying that one movie is rated differently because their is a jew in it or something. im not discriminating the jews, i luv em and i am one :)
My best friend is a lesbian and want me to be lesbian and make out with her , what should I do ?
I dont want to lose her or hurt her .. Cuz I love her as a friend , and she is the greatest but I started to fear goin to her place because of that .. Plz help me
Tell her straight out and honestly, you do not want to make out. You do not feel the same way. You love her as a friend and want to stay friends and would like to feel safe with her, but now you do not. Tell her you want her to promise not to pressure you, no friend would ever pressure a friend to do anything.
Is it weird to get more of a turn on watching lesbians make out, rather then boy girl?
I'm a female, and I really don't know if I'm straight or bi. I'd rather watch girls make out than girl/boy. I also find myself looking at girls more than I do guys...

I know I like guys, but are a lot of you girls like that out there?
Even for women, the female body is a cultural turn-on,so to speak. Lesbian action is also a turn-on because it is the "forbidden" thing. If you are young, paying attention to your same gender is not unusual, or make you gay, since what you are observing is the "competition".
Would a gay and a lesbian make a good couple?
It sounds retarded but when you think about it, they're preference cancels out of gayness. The lesbian likes the girly type person (possibly a gay) and the gay guy likes the manly type person (possibly a lesbian). Would that work? Are gays attracted to lesbians and vice versa?
I think they could have an amazing friendship but romantically? nope not at all
Does being a lesbian make you a bad person?
My friend is gay and she feels as though people view her as being a bad person. She's a nurse and does a lot to help the community but doesn't want to come out of the closet. How can I help her to be less unsure of herself?
It's the choices you make that make you a bad person. Not your sexual preferences. Make sure that you tell her you will be there to help and support her through this. Keep telling her there is nothing wrong with you. You are a wonderful person and love her!

Hope this helps!
Does making out with your best friend and liking it make you a lesbian?
My best friend and I made out and both liked it. We want more, but we don't feel that way about anyone else. Neither of us like girls in that way, we're positive, but we both it to happen again. Does that make us lesbians or bi?
it woudl make you bi, you may not be attracted to any other girls, because you like each other, and know so much about each other, but yes if you liked it, and want it again, then yea, most likely, you are bi, it also could be its something new, and you want to try it again, but most likely you are bi, good luck with it, i am bi also, but yea, hope all works best for you two.......
Is it wrong to watch lesbians make out on the internet?
I know people say if you watch porn, then when you have sex you'll expect things that most people don't do. But what if you just watch two women?
If it was wrong then I've sinned thousands of times.

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