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Why do men love women with round and juicy butts?
I don't get the craze and hype about women having booty.
Because those are indicators of women with healthy reproductive cycles. That kind of information is evolutionarily important.
Do men like juicy butts or thin Victoria's secret bodies?
What do you men prefer? A woman with some curves and a nice butt and B or C breasts or a Victoria's secret body that is petite and tiny and A breast and tiny figure?
What is attractive to men?
Long or short hair?
What is the ideal height for a woman to you?
i like toned athletic butts, because im an athletic guy.

answer mine please:

Why do white women all of a sudden HAVE to have big lips and a juicy butt?
I saw a white woman in a clothing magazine modeling a butt pad griddle thing. Back in the day white women ridiculed black women for having the big lips, hips, breasts and the juicy booty. are they trying to score them some dark meat?
No, I think that "white women" just want to be able to have more curves that some men find so appealing. And I don't think it's just Caucasian people, I have seen African Americans and Hispanics both modeling off those butt implant things, as well as talking about lip injections and such...It's all just a strive to feel pretty and wanted. People may have ridiculed others about larger backsides or bigger lips, but nowadays they seem to be the thing, and some people strive to keep up with the Jones. =)
Is it hard to find girls with big butts?
For some strange reason i love girls with big butts, I am completely attracted to them. I going to college pretty soon, do u think I will find some there? That is not all I look for in a girl, how she is is more important to me than her butt. So do u think I can find a sweet descent girl who happens to have a nice juicy butt?
Not hard at all. I also love girls with big butts and you'll definitely find a lot of them in college no problem.
Do women who wear the words "Juicy" or "Pink" on their butts WANT men to look at them?
I've seen many women out there wearing tight pants (usually sweat pants) that have words printed right on their butts. My question is.. if you (the woman) were to see a man staring directly at your butt (which has the word "Juicy" printed on it), would you be offended? If I'm not mistaken, isn't it a DIRECT invitation for people to stare at your butt? Quite a trivial matter which came up in conversation at work recently..
I get quite annoyed at this situation as well. It seems like an invitation, but when people stare, they take it offensively. I don't really have an answer, but I think that it is an invitation.
However, some people just get the sweat pants for something to wear, not generally wanting people to stare at their butts.
How do I get a thick juicy butt ?
Without surgery, are there any exercises and foods that can help my butt to increase in size ?
good genetics and fat distribution.
exercises only tone down butt cheeks

i used to have a huge puerto rican butt... it made me look horribly out of proportion
How can I get a big, juicy, sexy butt?
I mean don't get me wrong, My butt is already big and everything. I just really want a bigger one. I don't want a nasty, muscular butt. I want a nice juicy one. Hahaha this is funny. But what foods should I eat? Any specific routines? I heard squats & walking/running were good. Is that true? Anything else?
Juicy butt means fat so go eat cake n donuts and other fat
People?, yummmm
How do you get a good round juicy butt?
How is a fast easy way to make your butt round i already have a big butt but i want it rounder i already run and do squats but nothing seems to really work.
eat more raisins

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