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All Comments

Does an adult man have a strong sex drive if he has a hairy chest?
If he has more chest hair/ body hair, it shows he has more male hormones in his body. So it means he will get horny more easily than guys who have smooth body?

By the way, some Italian men and Greek men have a hairy chest/body. So these people have a higher sex drive?

Share your thoughts, thanks
Actually, being hairy has NOTHING to do with having more male hormones. It's purely genetic. Some people have hair on their chest, others do not. It's determined by your racial background; your genetics.

For example, you'll find that a lot of Native American men have a very strong libido, but they tend not to have a lot of body hair, or facial hair.

Also, men develop more chest hair as they age. A guy who is smooth-chested at 25 might be hairy-chested at 40. This doesn't mean he has developed a stronger sex drive; It means he's genetically predisposed to growing hair as he ages because of his ancestry.

So in other words, sex drive and body hair are in no way related. Who ever told you that was pulling your leg.

Now, if a WOMAN has a lot of chest hair, then yes-- She probably has a little more testosterone than average. I cannot attest to such a woman's sex drive, though, as I tend to avoid hairy-chested lasses.

Call me picky.
How many pregnant women got a hairy stomach and what sex was your baby?
this is really puzzling me, i keep hearing only people who had boys got the happy trail going all the way up past their belly button and under it. this isn't the "linea nigra" im talking about, its actual hairy fuzz that i never had before. kinda gross but i hear its pretty common..
everyone says its due to all testosterone from boy babies.
nope i got it and im having a girl... :)
Do girls like to be with a hairy man?Does sex fell better with a hairy or shaved man?
Im totally hairy, i do shave my back, smtimes my chest..never shaved my legs. i have kinda str8 hair and they r about 1.5 cm long..Do i need to complety remove them?
You're hairy, like animal!
Do you think having a hairy chest will impress opposite sex?
Or will you ladies attracted to hairy chest?
Women with a hairy chest dont impress me that much

Does having a hairy back at the bottom mean that your good sex?
I got told that when you have a hairy back at the bottom your a good shag! Is it true?

I want to have sex today (im a girl) but i have a hairy belly? What to do?
Ok so it's not that hairy because I've waxed it. But its started to grow back and it can be felt which is embarrassing during sex. How should I avoid the guy touching or seeing my stomach? He's leaving to go to Canada in a few hours so I really want to see him before then. Oh I'm not at home so I can't remove the hair either..
If you didn't laugh your *** off at this then you don't know what comedy is, as foe your problem try a sec position where he doesn't get to see ur hairy belly, but in all honestly I think he's just gonna be happy he's getting some lol I wouldn't worry about it
How important is the soft, hairy area above a man's peen when it comes to missionary sex?
I've had a couple of women report to me that that area hits their special area just right. Agree?
Mmmmm oh yes it does!!!!
Will Obama's Healthcare cover sex change operations so we can have hairy-legged trannies like Denmark?
I was in Copenhagen not too long ago. You wouldn't believe the number of hulking trannies stumbling around in high heels and wearing sun dresses. Why these guys don't at least try to shave their legs is beyond me. But can you see how cool DC will be when the streets are filled with guys getting their taxpayer funded surguries?
This question vindicates my earlier statement that you are so consumed with hatred for Obama that you have become irrational.
Guys, would you have sex with a girl who had a hairy butt?
Okay im just curious about this one. I started shaving when I was 13 and madem the mistake of shaving my ***... But i shave regularly... I have razor bumps tho... Would any guys have a serius problem with this?
Sorry to be insensitive, but yes, it is a massive turn off.

Stop shaving and get lazer.

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