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All Comments

Where can I download dad-son (gay) comics?
I've been searching for dad-son black and white comics for download. I keep on getting only certain pages from stories rather than having the entire comic book. Thank you
.....that's a sick fantasy.
How should I react to my gay friends son?
my friend's son (who lives with our family, long story) has lived with us for 3 years and he has always respected our rules however, recently he brought back a boyfriend (they are both 21) I don't know how to react as a dad? I don't have anything against gay relationships I just don't know what to do, should I tell him to get a girlfriend because he is confused or carry on? He seems to be happy but only recently he had a girlfriend? He has told us he is gay?
If he is not your son, you decide between letting him come with his partner, or telling him that you will allow that at YOUR HOME
Do any of you remember the case of the father who murdered his son to save him from being gay?
I can't find it anywhere it was in the USA, Canada or Australia in the 70's I think, he murdered his son when he came out to his dad at 17 or 18, the father murdered him to save him from the sin of homosexuality so the son would get into heaven, the father said he would rather he was in hell for murder than his son in hell for homosexuality, I remember it because it put me off relgion, I can't even remember if it was a book or an actually event.

Does anyone remember that story?
Yes I remember it. It is exactly as you said in your post. This is just another reason why I think religions put crazy things in peoples heads. Common sense is out the window if you are a religious fanatic. At the court hearings the stupid guy stood his ground insisting that he saved his son from hell. On the other hand as sick as this is, that really is true love for his guy in his mind. It's unbelievable that here in the US still today, religious fanaticism is still poisoning guyren's minds & ruining their lives. When are these people going to learn that you cannot change who you really are? simply my opinion....
Why does my dad hate me for being gay (long story)?
My dad is putting me down and making me feel bad. He keeps asking me why I don't go to church and I told him I have not gone to church in years and never plan to. He said that I need to stop this and get a life and start going back so God can help me. I said WTF? I live my life as I choose. You and mom raised me and now I live the life I want. Then he went on about how being gay was wrong and how I was doomed to a life that is just terrible and how I am a nobody and how I will never graduate from college and end up working at a supermarket making minimum wage and how no guy in the world would ever date me.

I want to believe that God still loves me no matter what but with a dad like mine it is hard to believe. I guess I was expecting a lot from the man who used to make me get naked as a guy just so he could beat the crap out of me with the belt until my body was red all over. I have post traumatic stress disorder so I barely sleep. 5 out of 7 nights of the week I do not sleep. My mom and little sis both know I'm gay and they are ok with it and mom even said she was proud of me. She told my dad that if he did not accept me as his gay son she would leave him so he accepted. I want my dad to accept me because he wants to not because someone made him. But now he ever since yesterday he has been hurting my feelings. I got no sleep last night. I was up so anxious to know some answers and was crying and crying because I feel that no one likes me for who I am. When I was in high school all my friends got up and left me because they said they did not want to be friends with a gay guy. I remember that day all to well when they got up all 5 of them and moved to a different table. I barely have friends except for the people here on yahoo that I meet and my one guy friend who lives in my town.

I am 22 years old now and a college student. My town is homophobic and I see no gays here and if there are any gay singles they are hiding. There are no LGBT centers here and no gay clubs either. Money is a problem because I can't drop out of school and I have tuition and rent to pay so moving is not an option now. I am so sad and depressed I just feel like ending the pain once and for all. This morning I went to work out at the gym and when I came out all I wanted to do was to run my car into the nearest building hoping it killed me. I kept thinking of suicide all last night saying if I was not good enough for my dad I was not good enough for anyone. My mom said she would have another talk with him but I doubt he will listen. He knows she will not leave him. These are empty words she says to fool him.

What should I do? All I want is to be loved by someone and I do not have that. Am I such a bad person that I am going burn in hell like everyone tells me? Does God hate me for being gay? I am proud to be gay but with my life it is so bad I just want to end it and like now.
Ok first of all, your not a nobody.
Your my John!

Secondly don't hurt yourself! That's the last thing we all want to ever happen! And remember you're not the only one that feels this way! I used to want to just end it all, but then I remember I have people like you to look forward!

Thirdly you are not a bad person at ALL!
God is what you make him.... And he is so holy and great then he'll love you for you and only you! What your dad says/thinks does NOT matter! The only people you need to love is those who love you back!

So if your still feeling bad and not sure how to console with yourself you know how to contact me!
I called and told my mom I am gay, opinions and stories?
for those of u who remember me asking some questions about my sexuality, ive been closet all these years so tonight i decided to call my mom and ****** TELL HER!!! she how she likes it
it went like this:
"is this juliuuuuss?"
-hang up-

HAHHAHA, that is ****** hilarious. ... i wonder what she's gonna do oh wait till my ****** dad finds out there's gonna be a beat down!! HA.
i think this was direct, blunt and to the point to be honest. what do you think? have u told your parents??
You must have been drunk to pull off that crap. I think you should have told your mom face to face and in a neutral location. And not like that. Seriously? No wonder dad is going to **** you up
Calling all those with crap/absent dads?
Hi there,

As someone who grew up in domestic violence, years of stalking and guynapping until the age of ten, I'm very curious to hear about other peoples stories about their family, in particular their fathers, absent or otherwise, or even how their relationship with their dad effected their them and their siblings. For example if you were a gay son, how did he treat you, or, if he was pushy when you were a guy...

Obviously I cannot grant everyone best answer, but every single response would be greatly appreciated. :) thank you.
I had no relationship with mine whatsoever... He may as well have passed away. The last time I saw him was when I was two, and I haven't even seen a photograph of him so I could've walked past him countless times without realising, although I sincerely hope not as the idea of him NOT being around at all comforts me. The thought of having him "watch over me" from a distance creeps me out and makes me angry, as I don't need him. I will argue to the death and say I do not need him... How can I need something I've coped for nearly 22 years without?

My mother did her level best to keep my guyhood as drama free and normal as possible. We were poor, but I didn't become acutely aware of this until just before my mother got a job, so I never felt like I suffered. I was fed, clothed, loved, given a very good education by her (as well as school, obviously) and had a very happy guyhood. Even the misery I had as a guy only happened at the hands of other guys at school. As guyhoods go, I count my blessings rather than focus on the things I didn't have, and I have my mum to thank for that =)
Do you think rainbows are gay?
I have the funniest had been raining today and when the sun came out there was a rainbow and when I was walking out of a story there was a son and his Dad and the guy said "look Daddy, a rainbow" and the father says "Don't say things like that people will think you are gay."

I was laughing so hard but at the same time I felt bad for the guy...rainbows aren't gay...
I would like to say they are not gay but I can't help but think if Gay Pride when I see them.
Did you think being gay was a choice before you realised you were gay?
It's interesting, this question, because I know how we all go on about how being gay is not a choice, and we get annoyed at people's ignorance and don't see how they could think it's a choice, but I think a lot of gay people would have thought it was a choice before they realised they were gay, without thinking too much about it.

I asked this because, yeah, I know fine well being gay isn't a choice or else I wouldn't be here, but I found part of a story I wrote a few years ago when I started having gay thoughts and things and these thoughts highly influenced what I wrote. Before I quote from my story, please know this was from quite a few years ago when I first had gay thoughts and well lets just say I had no knowledge of homosexuality, apart from it was "two guys or girls kissing" instead of a "guy and a girl". And also the stereotypes were in my head too. So yeah, please excuse A) The poor quality of the writing. and B) My ignorance to the topic, especially in the last sentence. And like I said, it was just a way to get all these thoughts out of my head and onto paper, so there's also a high level of randomness, like the mum thinking about her baby boy turning out gay or not. haha.

"Before Zack had met her, he had been in love before, but had never had a girlfriend. He had had a boyfriend instead. Her husband had told her about his gay life before it had all kicked off with him and her, but he assured her that he would never go back there ever again when he had her. Could Zack be wanting to have a son to have the full gay life he hadn’t had? But Suzan figured it would be her potential son’s choice whether or not to follow that path. She didn’t see anything wrong with gay people, only that they were a little bit different from the average human being."

So yeah. I remember writing this story clearly, and I got through quite a few chapters to the point that the baby who was the main character and was gay in the end was an adult, but I remember shredding the whole thing because I felt guilty about writing it and didnt want anyone to find it. I had the first couple of chapters typed on the comp though. And wow, I was shocked reading this again. Because it's clear that I did assume it was a choice, and that it was something you could resist. And then the stereotypes of gay people are clearly in my head when I mention them being a little bit different.

But it is interesting though. It shows that before I realised I was actually gay myself and that it wasn't just a phase or something I was meant to resist and get over, that I did subconciously believe that it was a choice. How about you, did you think the same way, if you can remember? I think this calls for homosexuality to be taught in schools. ¬_¬ It's treated as taboo, when it really shouldn't, and we are left to just assume that it's a choice and whatnot. So at the end of the day you really can't blame people for their ignorance in the topic of homosexuality and thinking it's a choice, and even some being homophobic. =[

And just on a sidenote, I remember what sort of things I wrote in the later chapters. It's also shows the natural instincts of homosexuality. Like the dad's repressed homosexuality showing through later on, and as something which he couldn't resist. Then when the boy grows up he has a friend whom he stays the night with and naturally ends up kissing him and um... I think they did something else too. Then I also included quite a lot of suggestive gay sex throughout the story (like I didn't detail on how it was done, it was clear what was going on), even though I never knew a thing about it, and didn't even understand straight sex, yet the basic ideas of what I wrote were quite accurate. And what's more, I never even intended it to be a gay-themed story. It was just meant to be a life story of the character, yet it ended up being more gay-themed than anything else. I just find it interesting how I could be so oblivious to it, yet know so much about it naturally at the same time. It seems as though, deep down I knew it was a natural thing, but because of how gay people have been portrayed on tv and what you hear at school and stuff I assumed it was a choice and thought nothing of it.

So what do you think? Sorry for dragging on about what I wrote in my story. But I hope you get the basic idea of how you understand it naturally yet are still influenced to believe otherwise, and I hope I haven't bored you to death.
I grew up a farily sheltered religious guy in a small rural town. Puberty hit and I started realising that I liked other guys well before I really knew what "gay" was / meant ... and that was definitely before I knew the debate on the choice or immutability aspects of orientation. So no I suppose.

Now, it took quite a few years to come to terms with being gay though ... and I was your typical homophobic, closeted, self-hating jock type ... so if someone asked me about it in late HS or something I'd probably claim it to be a choice. I don't really think I ever believed it though.
My brother is being targeted because he's a gay dad?
Recently my brother went through this whole thing with deciding to keep his baby (long-er story, after a drunken night he got a girl pregnant) and we were really happy with the new addition to our small family (we've lived together on our own since i was ten, six years ago.) His neighbors used to find him just disgusting because he was gay, but now they actually target him with cruel jokes and the worst comments you can make to a person because he his gay. He actually was beaten up right outside our house because he was gay and had a baby, and now people are going after me because i support him. How can we make this persecution stop? He's not going to stop being gay and he's not going to give up his son. He is 28, i'm 16, and baby Casey is barely a month old.
1. Call the police NOW.

2. Contact Lambda legal immediately (see link below)

3. Contact your state pride agenda

4. If the police will not act, contact the AG's office for your state AND your elected representatives.

5. Go to the press.

Do not threaten anyone at all -- just keep acting, one step after another, non-stop. If he has some self-hating genes in there, he's not going to want to -- you are 16, you are old enough to do it.

CRUSH THEM. You are in the right, they are in the wrong, and this is America -- even if you are in deep South -- which I presume you must be -- you will win.

There is NO TOLERANCE for the behavior you describe.

Once you have won, then and only then, leave -- and go to another place that is more reasonable and moral -- something the locals where you are obviously is not. They are immoral monstrous slobs.

Jonathan and I have an infant, 8 months old now - via surrogacy - we live (deliberately) in a working class city in the Northeast (we could easily afford the suburbs, we believe in small cities). We have never heard a single peep. We are well liked on our street.


Kind thoughts,

Can't be friends with you because your gay?
I thought this person was my best friend (only friend really), I'm 9 years older then him (lets say he is 25 & Im 34 so you can think about this better). He say's he is straight but in actuallity he is 'bi' (he's had sex with more gay guys then I have) but he has girl friends sometimes too.

He lived with me for about 4yrs off and on, usually for free or $150.00 a month (all bill paid and free washer/dryer/food/other). Those 4yrs turns out to be almost 3yrs living with me.

He would tell me stories about how his dad used him as a punching bag, how his mother abandon him when he was a teenager, how his stepbrother doesn't like him, all in all kinda a sad story. How he lived with a biracial couple that took him when he was a teen. How the biracial couple treated him like a 'son' (the guy was a truck driver and a meth addict but how much they hated gay people and how the wife would cheat on him while he was on the road as a truck driver).

Anyway my 'ex' friend I guess has always been broke and never really could read/spell much. I never let anyone talk bad about him not even once, hey we even went to jail together once because of people talking bad things about us. One thing lead to another and I told him I loved him and he said he loved me (over two years ago). He didn't cheat on me and I didn't cheat on him. He stayed in the closet and that was OK with me.

Well we got into a car wreck a few months back, he got some settlement money, bought him a car and said he was leaving, he was returning to the couple he had known before and he couldn't see me any more because they wouldn't like him anymore if they knew about me. He said plus your gay and wouldn't be able to hid it and your old too.

He bought a phone (didn't give me his number) and off he went, someone gave me his number and I called, he won't answer when I call and he won't answer any of his emails either. Thing is, I KNOW he had planned this for months ahead of time because he had told his family and friends not to email him anymore and that he would be leaving.

What should I do? Did he leave because I'm gay, I'm a old, because he was scared, because he was sick of me, or something else? I'm really REALLY confused because I don't have any friends, NONE - ZERO - NADA. My str8 friends stopped talking to me because I'm gay years ago and the few gay people I know stopped talking to me years ago because of a prior relationship where I threaten to kick butt because I was jealous they might try to take 'my person' (the gay guys took him anyway eventuallyth use of drugs).

WHAT ARE YOUR OPINIONS? I'd like to know, maybe it will help me become a better person or help me deal with this pain I have.
My opinion is you are a wonderful man.

And that this guy doesn't deserve you. THing is people like him come back. THINK about it before you let him in your life again.

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