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Who is the fat man sitting at the computer?
We have all seen that photo of a naked fat man sitting at a computer. He's fat, nude, and got glasses and a grey beard. Its quite famous now, I wonder who he is, where that photo came from?
LMAO if he became a computer store nerd I'm sure that I've seen him on this streaming video site getting beaten up by his employees...

He looks sorta similar to that guy in the pic!!!
Does anyone remember an advert where a fat man goes into his house and comes out skinny?
Does anyone remember an advert where a fat man goes into his house and comes out skinny? The music on the advert is Sophie Ellis Bexter, 'why does it feel so good'. I remember it from a few years ago, it had like a fat man exercising in his garden or something like that.
I have never seen such an advt. in India.
Why can a fat man show his man **** on TV but a woman can't show her breasts?
Have you ever thought of that? It contradicts one another, so what is so unappealing about any woman's breasts as apposed to a fat man's breasts.
You have a good point. It has to be rooted in sexist attitudes doesn't it? After all, in my opinion (as a man), there is nothing sexy about a fat man's breasts, but there is something soft and appealing and delectable in a woman's breasts. Maybe part of the answer is that a female's breasts are used to suckle babies, but men can never do that. Besides, hairy breasts are revolting.

I think to answer your question directly, social attitudes were developed a very long time ago. Note, that women in almost all cultures above TRIBAL cultures and very primitive (as in our view of what is primitive) have been forced to wear heavy dresses, skirts, robes and other paraphernalia to hide the body. With religion being the main motivator behind making shameful women's natural bodies, and especially with male dominated partriarchism, women became subservient in the eyes of societies. Once subservient, they were made to be subserviant by making them hide what was naturally theirs. So clothing a woman's breasts is a form of subservient behavior. You and I know it is sexist, but what can you do? If you run down the street half naked, you get arrested.

Until society changes its sexist, puritanical attitudes, you won't be able to show your breasts in public, even if they are beautiful.
Should Notre Dame be considered the laughingstock of college football for giving the Fat Man a 10 year deal?
A 10 year contract for a fat man who lacks self control so much he needs stomach staple surgery to keep from stuffing his fat face? Give me a break.
That was the stupidest thing they could have done and now Notre Dame is the laughing stock of the whole NCAA.

So ha ha to Notre Dame.
Should Fat Man Weis get a two year extension for the Domers' close loss to Navy?
He got a 10 year extension in 2005 for a close loss to USC, wasn't yesterday's game at least worthy of a 2 year extension?

After all, America should never go without the pure enjoyment of watching the Fat Man's schematic advantage, right?
Sure, why not.
Nothing better than watching the Irish lose, might as well keep it that way.
Will the Fat Man's "schematic advantage" start paying off for Notre Dame by the time his contract is up?
What will come first, a new pope or a decent Notre Dame team for the Fat Man?
I always thought Clausen sucked a$$.

Weis is just as crappy.
Do girls preffer a fat man or a really really buff body builder?
I'm a thin fit young man and i will either become a fat slob or a agressive mean body builder but i dont know wich one is more attractive to the ladies.
slim is good enough for me :)
Can you still go to a circus and see the act where you fire a cannonball at the gut of a fat man?
I see it in old movies and wondered, and if so, do they take volunteers, because I know a fat man.

I'm not aware of anyone on the circuit doing this act.
Fat man scoop that has gunshot sounds in it?
What is the name of a song by fat man scoop that has gunshot sounds in it?? It's a compilation with someone I believe. Heard it at a club and liked it.
This is his most popular song (not sure if it has gunshots)
Fat Man Scoop - Put Your Hands Up

Timbaland ft. Magoo & Fatman Scoop - Drop
this song was featured in the movie "You got served"

Sorry if I coulndnt help you....
Is it possible for a fat man to take diet?
If you have a big stommy, is it possible to make the stommy grow back to small? My father is not very fat man, but he got a big stommy when I was a few months old baby. He's still have big stommy now. What cause stommy grow big?
Any number of things can cause a person's stomach (what you see on the outside) to grow big. A diet full of junk-food (containing little or no nutritional value), no exercise, stress, constant trips to buffets, parasitic worm infections...

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