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What is the deal with anal sex?
First of all, I'm not grossed out by it or anything. I'm straight. I understand that sometimes it's a part of both hetero and homosexual relationships. My question is; what is it with straight guys who are only turned on by anal sex? They talk about it in really domineering ways and it seems to be the only type of porn they like to watch. Is there some sort of closeted facet of straight men who go crazy for anal sex or am I abnormal for not finding anything sexually exciting about it?
1) It's taboo. Society says it's improper, therefore it's what men want. It's like when your mother reminds you not to steal from the cookie jar - you just want it even more. Psychologists call this reactance.

2) It can pose a greater challenge. Most women aren't fond of the idea, so it presents another mountain to climb. If the guy can succeed, it's a triumph.

3) It's rarer. Because it's rarer, it's special.

4) A woman who does decide to do it, when her peers do not, may be considered to be more sexual or kinkier.

4) It can be about conquest and domination. If he can put it in there, he's been everywhere, and he'll have given her something she probably won't forget.

5) It can hurt, and some guys like the power of that.

6) It's usually physically tighter, and that can be more pleasurable to some.

7) Because of a combination of some or all of these factors, it can feel more intimate.

8) Some guys just find the butt more attractive than the vagina, believe it or not.

Obviously this only applies to some men. For all the men that love it, there are some that hate it, and some who aren't into sex at all. It's just part of sexual diversity.
My boyfriend is going crazy with anal sex!!?
Last year in 08 me and my now bf tried having anal sex. At first..OMG i wanted to scream and cry worst pain but after a few times it was good. Now I have no pain at all and we can do it for hours but the down fall is...he doesn't pay any attention to my vagina anymore. Maybe once in the past two months but we just a baby two months ago but I had a c-section.The good thing is i'm getting bigger hips and i have a fatt a** now but Ms. Kitty wants attention too.What can i do??
Stop letting him be in control! Take over and ride him like a horse!!!
I'm crazy about anal sex (female)?
Its taking over my sex life.I wanna do it all the time. Its the only thing I think about.I wouldnt be so worried if it wouldnt take over my mind like that. Do you know if its a medical condition?
Sounds fine to me. you just need a guy like me who likes it as much as you LOL
Why are men so so into anal sex?
What is it about the butt that drives men crazy in relating to anal sex I don't get it. And now the thing that is becoming the norm in porn is all anal and doing crazy positions while having anal sex.Regular vaginal sex just don't seem as appealing to many now days. It's like now anal is the thing I do not do it.
Despite its prevalence in porn, it's still rather taboo. People like doing kinky things for the thrill of it.
Most women above 20 or so have had a number of men in their mouths and vaginas, but are often anal virgins, which can make a man feel special or thrilled to have it.
There can be some domination issues involved, some healthy, some not so much.
Finally, for a man, having something inside the anus can feel very good due to the prostate, and men sometimes think that women will enjoy it as much as they would.
Did aids come from gay people having anal sex or monkeys?
My friends mom told her that aids came from gay people having anal sex. I told her that it came from monkeys. So someone tell me the truth before i go crazy.

AIDS is caused by HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), and it is now generally accepted that HIV is a descendant of a Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) that affects monkeys because certain strains of SIVs bear a very close resemblance to HIV-1 and HIV-2, the two types of HIV.

The most commonly accepted theory is that of the 'hunter'. In this scenario, SIV was transferred to humans as a result of chimps being killed and eaten or their blood getting into cuts or wounds on the hunter. Normally the hunter's body would have fought off SIV, but on a few occasions it adapted itself within its new human host and become HIV-1. The fact that there were several different early strains of HIV, each with a slightly different genetic make-up (the most common of which was HIV-1 group M), would support this theory: every time it passed from a chimpanzee to a man, it would have developed in a slightly different way within his body, and thus produced a slightly different strain.
At what point does anal sex become pleasurable?
I'm a virgin, but I've recently tried fingering myself (just using one finger even) and I'm not really enjoying the feeling. I go slow, swirl 1 cm at a time but I'm not crazy about the sensation.

So I'm wondering at what point does it become pleasurable rather than hurting? Or does it?

What can I do to make it more pleasurable instead of having it seem like a form of cruel-and-unusual punishment?

When you find a TOP guy to give you that screaming anal orgasm!
How can i get used to anal sex?
my boyfriend wants to have anal sex with me. we've tried before (with tons of lube) and it will hurt then feel good for maybe two seconds then hurt again. i need to get used to it pretty quickly (he wants to do it again this weekend) he wants to go crazy with it and so do i. i just don't want the pain. could i put a dildo in my *** and just leave it there for a little while and slowly move it? i really want my hole to open up. help please!
Lubrication, position and pace (take it slow) are key to it hurting more or less. Mind you, depending on the size of your bf's penis, it might still hurt a lot. If you don't feel comfortable doing it, don't do it. Simple as that.
Why are my farts so smelly after anal sex?
they WREAK! it's really annoying at how much they pong the house out, yet i can't stop having sex...i'm sex crazy! and my boyfriend is very well endowed as well :) what can i do so my farts don't smell so much :(
You're farting out traces of lube, semen and whatever else clings to the guy's dick.
PS The word is "reek" - lol!
Pregnant from Anal sex?
Crazy Question* If you were to have anal sex in the shower with your girlfriend for maybe 5 seconds ( Exploring 0_0 ) and you werent close to cuming at all. Is there any reason to worry about pregnancy?
Not unless you got sperm in the vagina.

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