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Breastmilk for sale?
i have over 60oz of breastmilk for sale $2.00 an ounce plus shipping... where could i go to sale it..
You can donate your breastmilk to the hospital, for the premature babies. My granny did that when she had my mum, because my mum wouldn't breastfeed.
Do you believe that formula is better than breastmilk?
I heard that when formula first came out, in order to boost sales, the companies pushed their propaganda hard about how formula is better than breastmilk. Has that belief continued to this day?

I know that some mothers have to use formula for medical or physical reasons, and that's fine. I just want to know if people think formula is SUPERIOR to breastmilk.
no i don't think it is better. i think it is a perfectly acceptable subsitute for breast milk.
Anyone know of any websites that sell isulated shoulder bags for carrying breastmilk?
I'd really like something cute - not just something that looks like a standard lunchbox. It would need to be able to store milk at the appropriate temperature for 8 hours.
Yeah - I know its silly and a waste of money, but I have hardly spent any money on anything this pregnancy, I've been using yard sales and such, so a little splurge here won't hurt. :)
This is the only one I found:…

It does look like an ugly lunchbox. Maybe a regular cooler would work just as well.
What would you do.. breastmilk?
if there was ready made breast milk for sale in supermarkets from diffrent women around the world would you buy it and feed it to your baby instead of formula
selling it in stores would be like making women milk cows
When you watched/read about the toxicity of plastic bottles did you throw them out?
I threw away all my bottles. My guys are 4 weeks, and 3 and 4 years old. I have had such a hard time finding the "approved" bottles and also I have my breastmilk stored in Gerber storage bags and they are not approved. Just last week I was able to buy glass bottles from the only store that sells them in Toronto, and yesterday for the first time I've seen the approved bottles for sale for a ridiculous price.

Why are the safe bottles so expensive and the glass bottles are so hard to find (walmart and toys r us don't have them).
I've haven't heard anything about that...but we used plastic bottles for my daughter and she was just it just the new bottles?
Why would someone who is going to adopt a baby which has been apprehended by social services be called selfish
I asked a question about my brother and sister in law adopting a newborn, who has been apprehended and placed immediately for adoption by the state (the mother's 6 previous guyren have been adopted also). My sister in law obviously needs to formula feed but was interested in attempting to induce lactation and supplementing with breastmilk, purely to benefit the guy's health as he is very underweight and sickly.

Two people claimed that my sister in law is sick, unnatural and selfish for wanting to do this.
This baby is the 7th guy taken off his 'mother' for a horrendous record of past abuse and neglect. She is HIV positive, riddled with STD's, and uses drugs and alcohol, while pregnant.
After giving birth to her last guy, she took her out of the hospital 2 hours later and placed a notice up at a nearby store advertising her baby as a healthy (the poor guy is HIV positive) white infant for sale for $500. So why is my sister in law selfish?
Some people cannot see past their own noses. They are ego centric, and believe that if people do not think like they do, they are worthless. Some folks on this board have a very narrow minded attitude towards adoption, and cannot even think about allowing that some adoption is good, healthy and has a good outcome. Because for them to take that in, means they have to deal with their own reality -- that probably adoption was best for them, too. And some find it too hard to imagine that. They want to hold onto the fantasy that if their bio family had raised them, they wouldn't have any of the problems they have now. I say, in most cases, they would likely just have different problems.

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