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I have black hair now but i want to put blonde underneath how to videos?
is there ne how to videos on how to do half blonde half black
I am so familiar with this problem.Before I give you any advice about products and such I have to tell you that it takes a while for the hair to be trained and once your hair is trained then it really doesn’t matter what kind of products you use. In my opinion shampoo and conditioner is not such a big deal.This is when the Super Skinny Serum comes in to play, then I use a light oil, like Hot Six. Its a liquid, this helps to lubricate the hair so that it doesn’t singe while flat ironing. Now, use a small amount of oil but for the first day it will seem a little heavy but not super heavy, you will still have major body. Always remember to wrap your hair at night with a soft/slick material so that it doesn’t pull or split. One last thing, alot of people spend macho bucks on expensive flat irons but I guy you not, I paid 15 bucks for my flat iron and it is the best one I have ever owned.I hope this information is helpful. Don’t lose hope and remember once you train your hair it will be almost as if you have a different texture and then it will be more manageable.
For more Information about hair you can concern with this site:
Whats the country song that has a long wavy blonde haired man and the videos in black&white?
hes singing to a woman on a beach thats all i can really remember
I would say go to and if you have to go thru the names of the artists until you find one that sounds familiar. I can picture the video I know which one your talking about, but like you I cannot remember the, OH WAIT ITS BILLY CURRINGTON,,,, It just came to me,,,, It was the first video he came out with,, but go to and you should be able to find it.
Who is the blonde singer with the video in a bathtub?
I saw part of this video ina preview for a movie. She is a blonde singer with black framed glasses. Her hair is tired up a odd bun and she's singing while in a bathtub. The video is black and white and during the chorus guys in 1940 like suits dance around the tub.

The lyrics are something close to "so i like to fall in love" or "Maybe i should fall in love"...
Melody Gardot, the song is "Baby I'm A Fool"
Who is the singer / song with the blonde lady with glasses singing jazz in the bathtub?
The song was a little slow, little jazzy and the video was in black and white. The singer was blonde with black frame glasses and her hair was in a messy bun thing. During part of the song her bathtub was surrounded by these old school dancers... One of the lyrics was like "Maybe I like to fall in love" or something something fall in love.

I wish I knew more! Please help! And thanks!

It came on while I was watching Screenvision at the Rave movie theater.
Melody Gardot - "Baby I'm a Fool"
Looking for an animated music video featuring a blonde drummer and black haired singer!?
In it, there's a girl that the singer is after who doesn't return his feelings of love.
The tune is sort of pop-rock, and I think it was on MTV in the early 2000's.
Any ideas?
wrong category dude
What music video has a black and blonde hair girl in it?
and in the music video shes young and gets picked on by preppy girls and later she comes back with her punk crew and picks on them? my sister is wanting to know and this is what i know about the video
Misery Business by Paramore?
Couple of club tunes videos i need to know the name of..?
1st one is a five a side football match with fit girls playing, black hair vs blondes

2nd one is two school guys bunk off school and audition for fit women to dance in swim costumes.

Don't know the first one, but do remember the last one, his mum comes and picks him and his friend up after school (which they havent been too) but cant remember the name, sorry pet will try to remember during the day :)
How do I get this scary image out of my head?
I saw this music video (Black Hole Sun) and the blonde lady in the kitchen truly disturbs me. Her face becomes this terrifying distorted grin and its been stuck in my head for about a month. Its gotten to the point where I cant sleep at night and I've become afraid of the dark. What do I do!?
First of all... remember its only a music video. Think of other things in your head. Happy things, your kitty cat, your boyfriend, etc.
Whats the best color of wig cap for dark brown hair?
I have dark brown hair and I am buying a wig cap, what color should i get? (my wigs are ginger red, Blue, Black, blonde, etc. because I cosplay anime, video game, and vocaloid.
brown or black
Who is the singer in the music video where the blonde girl and a doll look alike?
She has straight blonde hair, the whole music video is pretty much in black and white colored props, she wears a black and white dress and is dancing throughout the song. If I remember correctly, there is a music box involved, and at the end of the song, instead of seeing the blonde girl, the camera is focused on the doll.
Walking on Air by Kerli…

I love this song, the music video is so trippy. Heh

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