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Black nipples?
My friend recently told me her nipples were black and shes white just in case any1 was wondering does any1 know why their like that shes freaking out and I want her to stop is it serious?
Some of the palest women can still end up with very dark pigmentation in their nipples. Lots of women have nipples that range from tan to brown and are perfectly normal. Not everyone who is white has pink soft parts! As long as her chest has always been this color (or similar once she started to develop) she should be fine.

If shes experiencing some sudden color change (like over the last weeks) or they look truly unusual, have her mom look at them. Most girl's bodies resemble their mom's and often undergo the same kinds of changes. She might know whats going on. Her mom will also be able to decide if she needs to see the doctor. Dont worry about stuff like this, ask for help from adults you trust. Worrying is their job!
Guys: what do you think of balck lips virgina and black nipples?
Do guys think that pink nipples and pink virgina lips are better than black lips virgina and brown nipples? Just wondering which one you prefer more.
Color doesn't matter. They are all the same.
Why has my dog got dry black nipples?
She's a 2 yr old Cav, spayed. It's just her last pair of nipples, the others are pink and fine. These two nipples are very dry, crusty and black. I gave them a gentle squeeze, nothing came out, it didn't hurt her but I could see the nipple is so dry it looks a little split.
Why has this happened and should I be concerned?
It is a natural progression as your dog ages, nothing wrong at all. If they are dry looking, buy some Bag Balm or use plain Vasoline to soften up the skin/nipple area. It won't hurt your dog either if she licks any of it off.
Dog has swollen black nipples and bald spots?
My dog has swollen black nipples (2 or 3 of them) and a couple bald spots. On the bald spots I've seen these little black bugs that i think have wings (not sure, i haven't seen them up close). My mom refuses to take her to the vet because it costs too much.
Not knowing and you say she is not pregnant how about a bath with dawn dish soap.The shelter I volunteer for use dawn on the dogs that have fleas/ skin conditions.I have no clue what us wrong well none of us on yahoo answers dose with out seeing the dog. It sounds like a trip to the vet and you will get a answer.
Are black males nipples typically bigger than white males?
It seems to me that black males nipples are bigger than nipples of males of other races.
I have seen a lot of men with their shirts off and I have seen males of every race with larger nipples and males of every race with smaller nipples. I don't think there is anything racial about it. Hurray for equality of the races!
Why does some girls have black nipples and some have pinky nipples?
this might sounds a bit wrong but i've seen lots girl body and we were all wondering why some of us have pink, some have light chocolate and some have dark brown colour nipple? Is it our race or its abnormal?
Its normal and we're all different correct? Then yes it is normal...what a silly question, we're all different colors and come in all sizes
My female staffordshire terriers nipples are black?
My 3 year old female Staffordshire Terrier had a litter about 8 weeks ago. Her nipples turned a black/purple, and look some what swollen. I would like to get an idea of what this could be first, to save myself a trip to the vet.
No RUDE comments please !
I would say that she probably just hasn't fully "recovered" from her last litter. Instead of bringing her into the vet when it may be nothing, give them a call and just talk to them about it and see what they think. That won't cost you what a vet trip would...
Dog has large black spots around nipples some are scabs?
I have a sheltie the past few months I've noticed that she has large black spots (almost looks like big freckles) around her nipples and some of her nipples have scabs! She is about 1 1/2 yrs old does not have puppies and is not pregnant.

She has an odd odor too even though she gets regularly bathed

Any ideas?
This is worth get checked out by your vet . It could be nothing but as some are scabby better safe than sorry.
Why did my dogs nipples turn black?
I found my dog in December and she appeared as if she just had a liter but we aren't sure, but anyway all of the sudden her nipples turned black. Why did this happen?
my dog had puppies andafter her nipples turned black.....itis normal our vet don't worry! :)
How come one of my rat's nipples turned black?
One of my rats had babies about 5 weeks ago
And some of the babies would try to feed off of my other rat when she layed with them
One of her nipples turned really red
I put some neosporin on it and left it alone
Now I just got back from vacation and it has turned black
Is this normal for the healing process, or does she need to see a vet?
Try giving her a bath. It might be dirt stuck to the nipple. If it doesn't come off, call your vet and ask them. It might be something simple to fix. If they tell you to go in, go in.

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