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All Comments

American Teen?
I have a few questions!!

1.What Theaters does American Teen Come out??
2.Is it a show or movie??
3.and I was wandering if anyone could tell me anymore stuff about it like what channel and all that!!(if it comes on T.v.)
1. it only plays in selected theaters
2. it's a movie that is a documentary
3. it just came out in theaters
What is a life like for a puerto rican teenager? How does it differ from life as an american teen?
Im really need some feedback on this.My group is doing some research on teen lives around the world and we have puerto rico.I just need the difference between puerto rican lives and american teen lives.I hear its the same but I need to know some kind of differences.So please help me out.Thanks!!!
Honestly, it really is quite similar. Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the US, so its very americanized.Teens go to the movies, mall, basketball games, etc. They go to the beach alot. They like to surf, play volleyball, baseball, basketball & boxing. Those are the major sports. There are cock fights too but its not a teen thing really. In school alot of guys skip class & sit around on school premises & the teachers arent allowed to make them come back in, that always annoyed me. Also public schools wear uniforms, but the girls like to change them to make them cuter. Reggaeton is the popular music with teens in PR right now.
How much has the real american teen life has to do with the american teen movies?
I mean the lines, are so fake, I's like so not real life...even the characters are so oveeeeeeer do you think american teens, how much the movies show the real story :) ?
i'd say .00005% is real
What is the name of the fiction book where a native american teen goes back in time to find an extinct tribe?
I read a book some years ago about a young teen that traveled back in time, i think by hitting their head, to be wit an extinct native american tribe. I know that it told of her life in the current time and in the past. I think these people were her ancestors. Can anyone help me with the title. I know it took place in the southwest.
Is it "An Acceptable Time" by Madeleine L'Engle?…
AMERICAN TEEN...............?
i really need some quotes from that documentary, mainly from the people hannah and mitch, but i cant find any on the net, and i have exams next week and i know im gonna have to write an essay on it
so ill need quotes
can anyone help at all??
like omg becky look at her butt it's soooo big.....Sir-Mix-Alot
Where can i read african american teen ebooks online for free ?
Does any one know where i can read a whole african american teen ebook that you dont have to pay for because i looked and i couldnt find any that were totally free and where you can real the entire novel
For what it's worth, Barnes and Noble recently started offering ebooks, as well as providing a free ereader program, on their website. While the new books are not free, they do have several classics available for free....
What do you think of American Teen Dramas?
Preferably for people from the UK.
Its for my Media Coursework

1. Does shows like 90210, Gossip Girl, The O.C etc give you and idea of what American teens are like?

2. Do they live up to the stereotype of American Teens being spoilt and brat like?

3. Does it influence you in anyway? Like fashion, drama [so you think these dramas are possible so you go and do it], life [make yours as interesting etc]

Thanks (:

they all have one thing in common, over acting
Does anyone know any good American-Japanese teen romance books?
I'm looking for any stories about an American teen who moves to Japan, goes to a Japanese high school and has a romance with a girl he meets. Does anyone know any good ones?
More Taste Berries for Teens, Inspirational Short Stories and Encouragement on Life, Love, Friendship and Tough Issues
The authors of the bestselling Taste Berries for Teens and the Taste Berries for Teens Journal offer even more support and encouragement from teens and for teens in this new volume.…
Ok I need an over view of all the episodes of Secret Life of the American Teen.?
OK Im going to a party with all my friends and they are in love with the new show the secret life of and american teen
and ive watched the first episode and i need an overview of what has all happened after that.... Please answer.. Many Thanks!! L
yea go to and u should keep up its getting soooo good but sometimes u should check the time on the tv cuz they show re runes or check on the cp good luck
Do the american movies describe well the life of the american teen?
i live on brazil, i have watched a lot of american movies, and i'm thinking to my self, does this movie describe the life of the american teens, 'cause, it seems to be a dream, the usa seems to be the best place ever, the american teens can go out every day, can see a good basket game, have fun , go out with girlfriend, and the usa seems to be a place good, safe, exciting and the american people seems to be nice and talkative am i wrong?
Remember that movies are entertainment. They aren't always representative of real life.

However, teens here do go out often. They go on dates to games and to see movies, etc. But, life here is not perfect.

I'd also like to mention that most of the houses they show in the movies (especially comedies, for some reason) are not average houses at all, but are very expensive homes, indeed!

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